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2019年4月26日 (金)

backyard metropolis

  Kowloon Tong history: Hong Kong’s authentic backyard metropolis and its uncommon route

  A leafy sq. on Magnolia Street in Yau Yat Chuen, a region created in 1950 to be a Chinese counterpart to Kowloon Tong. picture: Christopher DeWolfA leafy sq. on Magnolia Street in Yau Yat Chuen, a place made in 1950 to be a Chinese counterpart to Kowloon Tong. picture: Christopher DeWolf

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  When you step off the teach at Kowloon Tong, you enter another Hong Kong. The skyscrapers are absent, replaced by low-slung homes surrounded by greenery and walls. Extensive, curving streets sweep nearly the Lion Rock Hill, which looms over the neighbourhood just like a sentinel. Slender lanes result in stunning gardens wherever palm trees and acacias arise from well-tended lawns. This is a suburban variation of Hong Kong - a garden metropolis crafted being an choice into the teeming streets close by.

  Following the British leased the brand new Territories region in 1898, it didn't choose prolonged for Hong Kong’s urban improvement to hurry earlier the aged border on Boundary Road, which operates by means of the guts of Kowloon district. High rents and crowded dwelling ailments plagued Hongkongers even then, and businessman Charles Montague Ede observed a possibility to provide them a fresh variety of lifetime.

  Inside of Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong household: from Crane’s Nest to like resort

  Born in Constantinople (now Istanbul) to your family members with Cornish roots, Ede invested virtually his entire life in Asia, doing the job for that Union Insurance policy Modern society of Canton in Shanghai, town of Yokohama in Japan and at some point within the company’s headquarters in Hong Kong. That is certainly when he grew to become aware of the city’s strong portuguese neighborhood, a distinctive center class of clerks and professionals who had roots in Macau. Eurasian in origin, they were generally fluent in several languages, like Cantonese, they usually served as middlemen concerning Chinese employees and expatriate British bosses.

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  The community had been situated in present-day SoHo for lots of yrs - Club Lusitano, the social club they frequented, was initially positioned on Shelley Street, in which the Central Mid-Levels Escalator now stands - but its massive family members were battling to make place inside the significantly packed neighbourhood.

  Ede proposed developing a completely new suburb with the portuguese over the south aspect of Hong Kong Island, but when this program was scuttled through the authorities, he turned his interest to the craggy land north of Boundary Street as a substitute. Just a few many years before, an English writer named Ebenezer Howard experienced posted Yard Towns of Tomorrow, which proposed a completely new variety of settlement that will let town dwellers to delight in the next quality of life. Howard named his eyesight a “garden city”; one thing in between urban and rural, a spot with lush private gardens and richly appointed general public parks, in which self-sustaining communities could prosper faraway from the miasmas of densely packed cities.

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Magnolia Road

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  新鏡片設有用作矯正 視力及散光的「中心光學區」,並於圍繞中心光學區伸延至鏡片周邊加入小區域離焦度數,令眼內形成「近視離焦」,令小童的眼軸生長會趨向變短,有效抑制配戴者近視加深。


  近視有個常用的劃分標准:度數大於 600 度的,就可以稱為高度近視。










“難兄難弟” 弱視與斜視